Jetson TK1 environmental requirements, MTBF and sustainability

I am looking for environmental requirements and MTBF in the Jetson TK1 documentation, but I did not find anything about that in the avaliable documentation. Would it be possible to have at least the following information?

  • Operating Temperature
  • Storage temperature
  • Relative humidity
  • MTBF

In addition I would like to know what is the sustainability of the Jetson TK1 (how long is it supposed to stay available for buying?)


You can get the datasheet from below link.


  • Operating Temperature: -40C - 105C
  • Storage temperature: <40C
  • Relative humidity: < 90%
  • MTBF: 10 years

AFAIK, the purchasing cycle is about 2 weeks.


I think that the figures (Operating Temperature, Storage temperature, Relative humidity, MTBF) that you gave are for the tegra K1 chip (since are taken from the K1 datasheet). I need them for the Jetson TK1 board. Could you please provide them to me ?

Regarding the answer “AFAIK, the purchasing cycle is about 2 weeks”, I would rather want to know for how long the Jetson TK1 board will be on the NVIDIA catalog?


I don’t think the dev kit is supposed to be used in industrial applications, which it sounds like is what you’re looking for. You probably would want to contact a different vendor of a Tegra K1-based board who would have these specs available.

Jetson TK1 board is dev kit, not for industrial usage, most of its other components are common commercial products which characters are probably similar as CD575M’s in datasheet.
Also sorry, I have no idea about “how long the Jetson TK1 board will be on the NVIDIA catalog”.

You are right: I intend to use this development kit in an industrial usage.
Thank you for your answers.