Jetson TK1, Gerber Fabrication notes

The gerber files for the Jetson TK1 include a Fabrication drawing for the PCB. The notes in that Fabrication drawing refer to internal nVidia documents. Those documents are important to the manufacturing of the blank PCB. Some of that information is in the Design Guide, but it doesn’t cover everything.
Anyone have nVidia documents?
• 630-1070-001
• 630-0010-001
• 617-7R375-1000-D00

I have recreated the entire development board with some minor enhancements and need details in those documents to complete the design.

Thank You

The IPC356A netlist aka 617-7R373-100-D00 document, is contained in the file which is included in the gerber release files that can be downloaded from the portal.

Nvidia just made the following files available do these files enable you to build a board?

• Jetson TK1 Development Platform PCB Board Files (Gerbers)
• Jetson TK1 Development Platform 2D CAD file with layers (.DXF)
• Jetson TK1 Development Platform Bill of Materials (BOM)
• Jetson TK1 Allegro Design File
• Jetson TK1 PCB Stack Up Details
• Jetson TK1 ValorODB++ Database
• Jetson TK1 Board Orcad Schematics
• Jetson TK1 PCB Assembly Drawing
• Jetson TK1 RS274x Gerber Data
• Jetson TK1 Autocad DXF Format Design File
• Jetson TK1 PCB Mentor PADS ASCII Format Layout

When importing the TK1 file: PM375_D00_PADS_layout.asc to PADS VX2.1 or VX1.1 I do not get the full layout. The layout only has layers Top and 2 with a few traces routed. PDF of screen shot: PADS support repeated this result.

There is a way to create files in PADS from Allegro .brd file but it has to be prepared for the Allegro to PADS Translator. See file: under Procedure 2—PADS and Allegro on Different Machines in PDF file.

Can anyone at NVIDIA do the prep work on the Allegro end so that the PADS import will work? We are happy to post the PADS compatible file once the translation is complete.