Jetson TK1 heatsink mounting holes?

I’d like to replace the Jetson TK1 fan with a heatsink as discussed here:

These look like they would roughly fit the existing mount holes on the board:

How can I be sure? Is there a mounting hole standard that the board and heatsinks are likely complying with?

The mounting holes appear to be 61mm. You should probably double-check that measurement as I didn’t use calipers.

The only passive PC heatsink I could find that supports 61mm is the Enzotech SLF-40.

I haven’t bought one yet.

It looks like that cooler comes with a fan. Should using it without the fan be better than using the standard heatsink without the fan?

It should, as the Jetson’s stock heatsink is mostly plastic and contains little or no metal.

Careful though, this guy had a much bigger hunk of metal on there and was getting pretty high temps on the Jetson: