Jetson TK1: How can I force a display resolution setting ?

Is there a way to force a display resolution setting to overcome issues with HDMI detection and
wrong EDID ? There are also issues with HDMI to DVI converters which can cause that the display panel can’t be detected.

-Can it be done via Kernel parameters or U-Boot settings ?
-Can it be done for Ubuntu Linux and Android in the same way ?
-How can one fake a proper EDID via an EDID file ?

I’ve only dealt with trying to get EDID working, not how to ignore it. There are some hints though just in the format of the output of “get-edid | parse-edid”. This output is exactly the “Monitor” section of /etc/X11/xorg.conf (copy and paste Section “Monitor”).

Note that it is possible to have more than one Monitor section, so I’d probably start by adding a copy of the parse-edid output for Monitor to xorg.conf. Much of the configuration is missing from the default xorg.conf, so I assume software is filling in the pieces…but it may be possible to add your own sections which refer to Monitor by the name you use from parse-edid, such as a Display section. This is how it was done with plain VGA when there was no edid.

Since L4T is Ubuntu they work the same…L4T has just used some direct hardware related files as a substitute to the generic Ubuntu files. Android does not use X11 so whatever it does would differ.