[Jetson TK1] I have one problem about h264 encoder on TK1


I try to use gstreamer to perform h.264 encoding on TK1.
Many reference(including wiki, TK1 datesheet, TK1 Reference Manual) shows that H264 High Profile is supported.

I have tried many times, using gstreamer-0.1 and gstreamer-1.0, but both methods output baseline stream. I also have tried different params, but it doesn’t work.

omxh264enc(using gstreamer-1.0) has the param ‘quant-b-frames’. I don’t know why setting this param does’t change the result(no B frame).

Is high profile supported or not? Did I miss something? Any one have tried H264 High Profile encoding?

I saw the same issue. The GSTOMX lib shipped from NVIDIA seems to hardcode the profile as base profile. CABAC and B frame cannot be used with BP. I have tried hack the code of GstOMX to use HP but did not see any difference

I’d suggest moving this thread to the TK1 forums, rather than legacy: