Jetson TK1 L4T 21.1 and CUDA 6.5 are finally out

You can get the updates here:

Please list any issues, tips or tricks in this thread!

Awesome… Unfortunately, until I came to work … The tragedy :) As they stand 8 hours.

Hi, it seems that I have a little issue. I have updated my Jetson Tk1 with the L4T 21.1 release with the instructions given in “Updating Drivers on an Existing Target System”. I have executed the command sh1sum… to check if the driver update is successful and it seems to be OK.
But I did a reboot, and now, black Screen… The system seems to boot normally, but right after the automatic log in … nothing.
//Update: It seems to fit with the known issues, I have a DVI/HDMI display… So wait and see I guess.

While I appreciate the effort, the list of known problems is worrying – especially the MMU problems. Is this being worked on and is there a way to help in debugging this?

I would be interested in knowing if any of the MMU issues are suspected or known to have existed in R19.3. There were of course bugs which were not listed as “known” at the time…I’m hoping to get an idea of what is actually new versus just uncovered officially documented.

Did anyone get this working in the wild yet?

re black screen do you have an alternate?

there is an issue with ubuntu updating X11 drivers on apt-get update

finally could this be relevant: Change your X driver ABI as a variable passed into apply_binaries.

Does this always happen? Is there more info on this?


After approximately 5 minutes of use, the X window manager crashes, displaying HDMI
parent clock information. The system returns to the GUI login prompt.

I think this is probably the same thing that was happening in R19.2. Someone may have experienced it in R19.3, although I think issues went down for everyone. I haven’t personally seen a crash, but what seems different for me is that I have the monitor next to me to display and view, but I’m using ssh -Y from my host next to it and rarely actually click on the Jetson’s mouse or keyboard. I don’t think this always happened to everyone even in R19.2…you might look for threads on forced logout or auto logout, etc…likely this is the same issue which was just officially documented.

Yes, this X Crash has very rarely happened to me with 19.3. It would seem that text is missing a qualifying word like “rarely” or “sometimes”. Reading it straight, it implies this always happens after 5 minutes which would be a surprising thing to release…

anyone else spread some clarity on “update to L4T 21.1 drivers what is missing?”


With the default 3.10-40 kernel with 21.1:

Anyone have still have problems getting the SATA port to pick up disks?

So far what I tested are Crucial MX100 / M500, they are flaky either it gets a link or not on a cold start up.

The Intel 520 / Crucial M4 seem to do better so far.