Jetson TK1 : libschroedinger issue


I am using schroedinger-1.0.11 and orc-0.4.18 on jetson tk1. I am trying to encode / decode a test video using this schroedinger library. However schroedinger library crashes while encoding.

I have installed schroedinger-1.0.11 and orc-0.4.18 with default options.

This same library works successfully on my pc ( ubuntu-14.04 , x86_64 ) and raspberry pi with same test video.

Could this be some platform dependent problem ?

I tried to look on different forums, but could not find anything.

Has anyone come across similar issue ?

Not enough information. The short answer is that anything using hardware acceleration could be hardware related. FYI, both the PC and the raspberry pi are different architectures…mixing software compiled on one would fail when used on another. There is a new “raspberry pi 2” which has the same ARMv7 architecture as Jetson, so this would stand a chance of working on Jetson; however, Jetson may have optional features not available on raspberry pi2, so the same architecture does not guarantee portability between the two…it just means it might work.

I have no experience with orc or schroedinger software, but it might be possible to add symbol/debug versions of the app/library software to get more information when running it under gdb. strace and ltrace should also produce a LOT of excess output, but only the final parts of the output would be required to get more information (they would produce large logs, you’d go to the end of the logs, and probably delete all but the last 100 lines or so).

Thanks for reply.

I am using this library by compiling / building it separately for each architecture, Jetson TK1 / x86_64 / raspberry pi (armv6l) .

The issue is, when I compile and use this library on x86_64 or pi it works fine. But the same library compiled on Jetson TK1 does not work.

Why are you compiling them yourself instead of installing them using apt-get install?

It’s also often a good idea to get the Ubuntu sources and recompile those with your modifications as then you would get the library properly set up for the packaging system (and you would compile it with the same options as the package maintainer has seen fit).

As linuxdev mentioned, the best way to start debugging a segfault is to use GDB or strace.