Jetson TK1 Linux VDPAU

Is VDPAU working on Jetson TK1 ?
and when yes are all de-interlacer useable ?

Thanks for your interest. VDPAU is not available on the Jetson TK1, but Gstreamer can be used on L4T for Jetson. The Gstreamer deinterlace plugin should work as is.

It is shameful that NVIDIA is to provide not create your own api developed on any platform. Ok at the old Tegra I understood yet, but when I read now “Kepler” I thought now something.
VDPAU is the default on Linux to decode video.
Then the next Developer Board for me is yet again one with Mali400 because there VDPAU works to some extent.

with vdpau the tegra would be great without who cares about the tegra :-/

they have OpenMAX

Has vdpau been added to the R21.x release?what do we use for decoding of input stream on Jetson,if vdpau is not available on it.gstreamer or kodi?

GStreamer is the only officially supported API for decoding videos.

Anyone that wants full accelerated playback in gstreamer apps just open up:


Insert parameters nv_omx_audiosink and nvxvimagesink to its place and reboot. Now totem and other gstreamer apps will have hardware decoding. Credit goes to the ac100 wiki hw_accelerated_video_playback [DokuWiki]

If you are interested in video players and not so much in decoding videos inside your own app, then Kodi is also a good option: