Jetson TK1: Looking for Connectors Fitting J3A1/J3A2

I need to create some custom hardware using GPIO, and possibly some of the other connector pins of J3A1 or J3A2. Has anyone found suitable connectors for these yet? They are 2x25 and 3x25 with 2 mm pitch.

If not, what workarounds are people using?

Hm, maybe standard 2mm goldpins?

On TME you may find lot connectors. Also looking for a plug on the tape with a spacing of 2mm. but without interesting results.

You can order or request (free) samples some mating connectors from the company who provided the parts for Jetson.

Directly off the BoM for the Jetson.

Samtec, Inc. SQW-125-01-F-D J3A1
Samtec, Inc. SQW-125-01-F-T J3A2