Jetson Tk1 Not Booting Properly

Hi All,

I’m using jetson tk1. Recently I had issue when tegra turn on. When Press the start button it starts but Does not go to gui or login screen. It suddenly shutdown when booting process is going.

Then I tried to flash OS again, I flash “r21_Release_v5.0”. When the system start after flashing it goes to gui. But When try to press keys, open program then it shut down suddenly. After that, If I try to turn on tk1 again , It shutdowns suddenly at booting without coming to gui.

What could be the reason for this?
How can I solve this issue?
Does it can be Hardware Problem?

I can’t read the attached image other than a few words. I see it says a file is missing, but that’s all I can tell from the image.

Typically an immediate shutdown like that on a system which was previously working makes me believe there is a hardware fault, but this may not be a fault within the Jetson itself. I have seen attached USB devices fail and cause this, e.g., I’ve seen a USB printer disconnected and suddenly the system works again. You might try disconnecting everything you can and see what happens before going for RMA return.

In the case of the monitor you could substitute viewing over the serial console (and serial console will allow you to log the failure message without taking a picture). In the case of USB, just remove everything…when you get to the point where GUI is up, just try one device at a time, e.g., add a mouse and see if the pointer moves, then disconnect the mouse. For keyboard you could try a different keyboard. If you have a USB HUB you should try individual devices without the HUB, or else on a different HUB…preferably a powered HUB and not one running off of the USB line.

Just for emphasis, I strongly recommend using a serial console to see what’s going on if you can. The settings to use on a serial console program on the host would be 115200, 8N1 (CTS/DTS flow control if the serial cable uses more than three wires).