Jetson TK1 on Nvidia Video Codec SDK?

My board is due to arrive very soon!

I have question that I can’t seem to find the answer in the documentation on the support page and the wiki. I know the TK1 uses OpenMAX IL for the hardware codecs. My question is; does the TK1 support the Nvidia Video Codec SDK? Which CUDA libraries does the TK1 toolkit support? Is there a document or page that lists all of this?

Thanks! I look forward to playing with my board!

I can’t answer your question, but this might be of interest: The operating system (L4T/Ubuntu) is packaged separately with an “” script. Part of what that script does is unpack a “restricted_codecs” file into /lib/firmware/. The files I see glancing at it all start with file name pattern “nvmm_*.axf” (e.g., one of them is nvmm_h264dec.axf for H264 video).

Presumably these are the actual libraries used with whatever SDK is used, and so far as I can tell this is all nVidia’s standard way of doing things. I have not yet set up for building anything but kernel stuff (I have some kernel change requirements before other things can be done), although odds are good the SDK you are thinking of is either included already or available for download specifically for this hardware.

You may have found this already, but here’s the TK1 support page: The Jetson TK1 wiki also has a lot of good information:

NVCUVID & NVENC (from the Video Codec SDK) are not currently supported on TK1. Tegra has historically used OpenMax-IL and gstreamer as the codec API. Here’s a page with some initial information about using gstreamer on the Jetson board, which I will be adding more content to in the future.

Thanks all for the replies. Very helpful. I just got my board today! I managed to get the gstreamer sample working. So that’s good. Unfortunately, my project requires to integrate into another streaming library. So, I may have to dig around the gstreamer source and see how they used OpenMax-IL. However I am interested in what linuxdev found. I may just do a blind test and see if a NVCUVID sample will build and run(if there are any, if not ,I’ll just write one). When I’m done I will post the results. Hopefully within a week…