Jetson TK1 only working on some HDMI monitors

I just powered up my TK1 for the first time. I have 3 different HDMI displays which I use on 3 computers. They all work.

When I power the TK1 it only provides display on one of them:
(Westinghouse 22" LED 1080p 60Hz HDTV)

These two won’t work:
Samsung P2370HD-1 23-Inch LCD HDTV Monitor
Panasonic PTAE8000U 1080p Full HD Projector

Additionally I connected a working USB keyboard but the TK1 doesn’t respond to typing at the log in prompt. The keyboard is a Logitech Wireless Illuminated Keyboard K800. Being wireless I plug the USB dongle into the TK1. I temporarily borrowed the keyboard and dongle (plus mouse) from one of my PCs, the dongle should already be paired to the keyboard. So the question is do I need to connect a plain vanilla USB keyboard for this to work? And, no I actually don’t have a wired keyboard! They are cheap enough for me to pick one up, but I’m still curious if it’s expected to work with the K800 or not.

As far as the monitor, any explanation as to what is happening here? All 3 monitors are already in use on other machines. If there’s some special requirement for it to work, it would be helpful to know before I purchase another monitor.


Howling Mad

Sometimes it is just cabling. There have also been issues which differ when booting up with the monitor already on versus plugging it in after.

Once your monitor is there though, the EDID data is used for X11 to find proper settings. If this data is not parsed correctly, this would also be an issue. Typically I’d just use serial console and check the /var/log/Xorg.0.log, but you can look at EDID as well and see if it is parsed correctly:

get-edid | parse-edid
get-edid | edid-decode

I think the required packages are “read-edid” and either “edid-decode” or “edid-rw”. See if they show parsing errors.

In all cases the monitor has been on before powering the board so I don’t miss any start up messages.

I’m also new to Linux. This is going to sound like a dumb question but what is the serial console? Is that a terminal connected to the serial port on the TK1? If yes, then what is the correct baud rate, bits and parity?

Serial console is just a UART on a DB-9 connector that is configured to start acting like a text console even before the boot loader starts…no video drivers, nothing special…makes it available very early on and works even when network or GUI fails. There are also many boot messages you will see here which might otherwise not reach a log or be difficult to find.

115200 8n1. Typically via null-modem cable. Apps like minicom, PuTTY, and gtkterm (my favorite) work on this.