Jetson TK1 PCB is bent slightly

Hello everyone, I recently purchased a Jetson TK1 from Newegg. After putting the rubber feet onto it, I realized that the Jetson is slightly bent on one corner! It boots up fine, and seems to work great, but could that bend later cause problems? Should I return it?

Edit: Also, the box, despite being sealed inside of another box, had the green seal already cleanly broken when it arrived.

I don’t know if the bend is going to cause problems or not. However, there is a time limit on how long you can wait before requesting RMA through NewEgg. You might want to actually ask NewEgg how long you have to evaluate (mentioning both broken seal and mechanical damage) and whether they have more in stock if you do decide to return it.

Would you please show a picture ? We can see how is it and is there any possible problem may behind that.