Jetson TK1 R 19.2 - factory reset troubleshooting

Hello, Nvidia forum,
I had some issues I wanted to resolve involving my Jetson TK1. I am currently dealing with undergoing a factory reset because of some graphics card issues. So this would involve my getting rid of the Ubuntu 16.04 that I installed on there and returning it to the original 14.04 that the board had. And after looking at some tutorials, I realized a link to access a BSP (board support package) for the R19.2 was no longer supported by Nvidia. Because of this, I am considering a few options that I would greatly appreciate you guys to weigh in on: 1) Would it be best to upgrade the R to a more supported version? (for example, 19.3 or 21?) and if so, how? 2) Or are there any alternative methods in going about this reset without having to download other packages?

This is the link we found that was supposed to allow download of the BSP: