Jetson TK1 single user mode?


I recently got a Jetson TK1 and through a lapse of intelligence opened up the ssh port on my router for my own remote access, while never having changed the default passwords. The other day I came back to find that a brute force attack from China & Romania had broken in and changed both the default user password and the root password, in addition to running a script to find more targets and attack them. The only way I have access is through the desktop environment which does not require login on boot, so that’s how I discovered all this information.

Anyways, I was hoping there is some kind of single user mode/other method of recovery so that I can regain access to my Jetson before resorting to resetting to factory settings. (which I will do anyway, soon after regaining access if possible). My Jetson runs the stock L4T ubuntu OS.

Thanks in advance.

Just reflash your board:

The whole point of my posting this thread was to avoid doing that first. I will, but hopefully after I can regain access via single user mode in u-boot if it exists.