Jetson TK1 SPI Interface.

I am trying to use the SPI interface in Jetson TK1.
But , it can not have success.

  1. Do I need to re-compile the kernel?
  2. Please tell me the location of the sample code.
    I think it is and use the functions below, but I can not have code image.

ubuntu@tegra-ubuntu:~/kernel/drivers/spi$ grep static spi-tegra114.c
static int tegra_spi_runtime_suspend(struct device *dev);
static int tegra_spi_runtime_resume(struct device *dev);
static inline unsigned long tegra_spi_readl(struct tegra_spi_data *tspi,
static inline void tegra_spi_writel(struct tegra_spi_data *tspi,
static void tegra_spi_clear_status(struct tegra_spi_data *tspi)
static unsigned tegra_spi_calculate_curr_xfer_param(
static unsigned tegra_spi_fill_tx_fifo_from_client_txbuf(
static unsigned int tegra_spi_read_rx_fifo_to_client_rxbuf(

If you are referring to the I2C, the R19.3 kernel seems to have these already enabled:

I’m not sure what else is required; if using this for a touch screen, there is probably a lot more. I have some interest in SPI for non-touch screen reasons.