Jetson tk1 stuck in boot after flashing

After I’ve flashed the board using the QUICK-START GUIDE for version 21.8 without any error and all commands exactly based on the QUICK-START GUIDE of Nvidia for tk1 , but now after flashing the board at the end of flashing process says that was successful and ask to reset the board .
After resetting the board and using HDMI output, I see the boot process starts and goes fast for about 80s and then again starts booting again for another 80s and the process continues again and again !!

You’ll probably need to provide a serial console log via the DB-9 connector. Any serial console program should be able to show the full log from initial boot, and reboot. Without the log there isn’t much one can say about why it might reboot.

You might also want to try flashing again, perhaps with release R21.8:

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Yes, actually I used release R21.8 but yes had it in mind to test it using serial console to see what happens exactly, hope to find it this way !

Thanks for your attention Dear Friend @linuxdev , I will try today !

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