Jetson TK1 to Jetson TX2i GPIO conversion

Trying to make a complicated question simple.

We are migrating a TK1 design to TX2i.

We have 8 GPIO lines on the TK1

Port sysfs filename Physical pin Notes
GPIO_PU0 gpio160 Pin 40 on J3A2
GPIO_PU1 gpio161 Pin 43 on J3A2
GPIO_PU2 gpio162 Pin 46 on J3A2 (Disabled by default)
GPIO_PU3 gpio163 Pin 49 on J3A2
GPIO_PU4 gpio164 Pin 52 on J3A2
GPIO_PU5 gpio165 Pin 55 on J3A2
GPIO_PU6 gpio166 Pin 58 on J3A2
GPIO_PH1 gpio57 Pin 50 on J3A1

Where do these wind up being on the TX2?

I can move them if I have to. I don’t want to have to change the pinmux on the TX2, just like I didn’t have to on the TK1.


Bob Conklin

You should be able find lot of reference topic from the search.
Please just have review them first.