Jetson TK1/TX1 support for LTE.


Can you please provide me the link for the LTE modem which is supported by Jetson TK1.
I want to install/place Jetson TK1 to a remote place where only source of connection to the board is LTE. No wifi support would be available.

Also, please can you guide me through the process of installation of the driverson Jetson TK1/TX1.

Thank you.

Until you know what drivers are used (which LTE modem) it isn’t possible to say much about driver installs. Sometimes it’s just a case of configuring the existing kernel, sometimes it is a case of adding an outside module.


Thank you for your quick reply.
I am not sure about the modem which would support the LTE.
Can you please guide me through it.

Above link says about 2G/3G/4G cellular modem.
But the device is untested it seems.

Can you help me with this.

I would like to know more about which modem might support to LTE.

Thank you.

I have not used any of those. Hopefully someone who has used a cellular modem can comment.


Please refer below topic: