Jetson Tk1: Ubuntu 14.04 - Gnome 3 metacity session - screen update broken

I installed gnome-session-flashback
which enables me to use a Gnome 3 like traditional desktop.

Most of the the time it just works perfect and gives me a stable
working environment (need to do apt-get upgrade before).

When switching between Workspaces the screen is not updated with
the current workspace content.
It looks like a graphics driver issue.

open a window (e.g. xterm) and move it around over the whole
screen like a rubber until the screen is fully updated

I noticed that Gnome Workspaces are not supported by the current Nvidia beta graphic drivers
when doing the following:

Workspace 1: start a large download in chrome browser

Workspace 2: just open a terminal
result: The chrome browser GUI is updated on Workspace 2, but it should be updated on Workspace 1