[Jetson TK1] Unity hangs, but Jetson continues to work

I’m facing a strange issue sometimes using my Jetson. It happens that the Ubuntu graphical interface (Unity) stops to work (mouse and keyboard ignored), but all the other process continue to run.
When Unity locks I can still connect to the board using ssh and I can control it remotely.

Did anyone ever have this issue?

i had this problem sometimes, but not lately - got a lot better using the grinch 21.2.1. And i switched to xfce, maybe that helped, too.

I have the same problem from time to time, I don’t know exactly in which situations. Also yesterday, suddenly my session was closed while working, and login in again all windows and programs were closed.

I don’t have any solution or reason of why this happens.

@Nilsnsn does XFCE hang too? If so I think that the problem can be behind X server.

One of the thing that I observed is that GUI hangs very often if you use Chrome as web browser, as I reported here: http://myzharbot.robot-home.it/blog/software/configuration-nvidia-jetson-tk1/#internet-browser

I also must confirm, that jetson is time to time freezing when using Chrome. But it is better when swap file is turned on:

I have same issue time to time. For me it feels like it hangs when I run CPU intensive tasks continuously for a long time.