Jetson TK1 USB port stopped working

I been using my TK1 for several month now. Recently I was doing work on it, then walked away for several hours. When I came back the screen was blank and the system was unresponsive to the keyboard or mouse. So I powered it down for several seconds then powered it back up. It boots up to the log in screen but it’s unresponsive to the mouse or keyboard. I’ve even unplugged my USB hub, directly connected the keyboard, and reboot but still it’s unresponsive. The keyboard works fine on another machine.

Is it possible that something was left in a bad state when I forced power down and now it’s stuck? If yes then how do I fix it?

You should still have access through a serial cosole, or perhaps ssh. Basically you need to see the logs. Serial port is by far the better way to check, as you will see boot messages all the way back to the boot loader. So, are you set up for serial port console? Or does ssh still work?

I’ve never connected via the serial port. I compile my code from a PC running VMware Player. Once I installed VMware on my PC, the rest was installed by the TK install package. The only way I normally communicate to the TK1 is through the NSight Eclipse software which I configured to compile on the remote machine, i.e. the TK1. So I’ve never talked to the TK1 via it’s console. Not sure how to open a window on the host and talk to the TK1 via ssh.

I can connect the serial port back to my PC and capture the boot messages. I’ll work on that. The text from boot up is huge so I’d hate to post the whole thing here.

I usually stay away from developing on windows, but I’ve been fairly happy with talking to the Jetson over PuTTY. PuTTY allows connecting either via ssh or via serial port. If using linux, I tend to use gtkterm for serial console (you could also use minicom).

Serial port setting is 1152008N1.

Thanks for the tip on the UART settings. I’m able to capture the boot up text via the serial port however the problem seems to have magically healed itself. The USB port is working again. I can shut down properly and when it comes back up it continues to work.

If the problem comes back I’ll look at it again.