Jetson TK1: Virtual Reality. Problems with the connections

We have started a new project to run a virtual reality application over the Jetson TK1 (we use the ARVision 3D HMD, full stereoscopic video-see-through device). Our main issue is how to connect two display inputs (dvi connectors) and two camera outputs (firewire connectors) into the Jetson. We believe that the two firewire ports could be plugged into the mini PCIe, are we right? We also don’t know how to handle the 2 dvi outputs separately. Any idea?
Thanks in advanced

The specs I see label the HDMI as type A. I think HDMI probably has to be type B for dual link. The tegra124 SoC itself says it supports dual link HDMI interface, but I have not found any reference to physical availability of the second non-LVDS video connection (it might be available through some other means I don’t know about).

You need to get an active Display Port to DVI adapter (should support single link or dual link) then wait for one of use to make an adapter to connect to the Jetson’s eDP. Then you can have 2 ports. There are other alternatives to the Jetson though that might have dual HDMI OOT in some form or another.
For example the tablet uses the internal DP for WUXGA I believe then still has the HDMI available.
Some of the modules available I believe might have dual HDMI breakout available or something as well. Of course all of those options are going to be more expensive then a Jetson.