Jetson TK1 Win 7/8 RT ?

Has anyone that has recieved their Jetson tried to install Windows RT on it ?
I just recieved mine, but I can start playing with it after monday because I need some Hubs and stuff… and mainly like… A MONITOR :D :D :D
My question is if someone has tried and failed or managed to run RT on it to give me some info, because I actually need to get it running with RT.
Thank You, and if there is something you cant post here can you please send it to my email at preferably addressed Jetson RT or win RT.
I would really be SO gratefull :)

There are no public WinRT drivers for the TK1. Heck, MS and nvidia might not even have any, depending on whether WinRT products are being scheduled.

found some comments over the net that TK1 had great driver suppport exactly for RT actually… the problem I am worried is some of Jetsons components not being supported.
an for the RT… Microsoft call or RUSSIAN TORRENTS are calling me for tomorow :D