Jetson Touch Screen


Does anyone know if there is a touchscreen that is out there or being developed that can be powered from the Jetson. I have a couple of Chalkboard Electronics ones but they require an external power supply. Thanks for any assistance.

What kind of external power the one you have need?

Thanks for the reply. I need to clarify. I have the necessary power supply for the displays that I have however, I want an touch screen that can be powered by the Jetson instead of an additional power supply. I want a plug and play type of solution for home automation purposes.

Depending on the power requirements of the displays you have, they might be able to be powered from the Jetson. What are the voltage and current ratings on the display’s external supply? (I think this was what kulve was asking.) If it uses 12V or 5V, you could probably power it from the white SATA power connector on the Jetson.

It requires 5V and up to 1.3A depending on brightness level.

Link to display!/10-universal-LCD-with-HDMI-interface-and-capacitive-multi-touch/p/42545413/category=3094861

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But you should be able to make it work, hopefully. I dont know the specs on the Jetson’s wattage for that 5v rail, but id like to think 1.3A (6.5W) through it would be fine.

Thanks for all the info. I have enough knowledge now to be dangerous. Thanks again.