Jetson TRNG info


We would like to use the embedded Jetson TRNG engine for random data.
Where can we find information on the source of randomness and what certifications (or qualifications) it has?
For example in comparison to TPM modules etc.
Benchmarks and expected performance?

All the information we found was here:

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hello moti4,

here’s sample application, OP-TEE hwkey-agent.
the CA sample program named 'hwkey-app' that is intended to work with the 'hwkey-agent' TA to provide encryption and decryption function with the keys provided by TA.

please access l4t-r35.1 page,, and please download public sources package, i.e. Driver Package (BSP) Sources.
you may see below for sample codes.
for example, $public_sources/source/public/atf_and_optee/optee/samples/hwkey-agent

please also refer to developer guide, hwkey-agent Trusted Application as see-also.

Hi Jerry Chang,

Thank you very for the prompt response.
Is there any (significant) different between Xavier AGX and NX modules with regard to TRNG performance?
Would it be also supported on earlier JP versions like 4.6.2 for example?


hello moti4,

there’s trusted execution environment update; JP-4.x release keep using Trusty, but JP-5.x release moving to OP-TEE.

to be honest, I don’t have numbers for comparison results.
however, it’s SE clock for security engine.
SE running at 115.2MHz (the min rate of SE) by default, the max rate of SE is 1GHz.
you may tune the clock to have better crypto performance.
# echo <clock_rate> > /sys/kernel/debug/bpmp/debug/clk/nafll_se/rate

Thank you very much, it’s a good starting point to experiment with :-).
I’ll keep here more updates as we progress.

Kind regards,

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