Jetson tx 2 not working properly

When I try to switch on the jetson tx2 with the adapter the blue light in the adapter turns off and i hear a beeping sound from the adapter.

I don’t know of a blue light on the dev kit power source. Is this a dev kit, and what is the power source?

Yes it’s a Dev kit. I used the adapter provided along with the Dev kit

My dev kit is from the earliest batch, so maybe it is different…no blue light on it or the power adapter. If it turns out you got the wrong adapter this might be the problem, but it seems unlikely.

The adapter puts out approximately 19.5V. Are you able to measure this?

Prior to using the power on button, which lights show up on the dev board? Typically (when power is available, but the Jetson is not turned on) there is a red LED near the PCIe (it indicates power to PCIe…you might not always see this), and another red LED near the corner of the module which is closest to center. Upon turning on the Jetson you would normally see two green LEDs near the power button.

I also have a power adapter with blue LED. Your adapter may not be wrong. But it may also be some bad seating of cables connectors that could be an issue.

All comments of @Linuxdev would help you to diagnose the problem:

  • Is your power supply out of order ? (Is it able to provide enough current for given voltage?)… This looks the most probable issue, as you’ve said the blue LED turns off.
  • Is your adapter correctly delivering power to dev kit ? (Check barrel connector)
  • Is your devboard or TX2 module out of order ? (abnormal status may be shown by leds).

You may also unplug any device from your Jetson, just a USB keyboard would show 30s after boot if Linux has booted, just using keyboard’s capsLock or numLock and looking at LEDs.

Thanks for all your replies.

@linuxdev The voltage I measured in the adapter was 19.15V. I have to buy a male connector to check the current. I will update on this.

@honey Inserted the adapter and I could not see any leds glowing in the dev kit.

Your adapter is working correctly with that voltage.

It is possible you’d find the voltage drops before reaching a valid load, but it is more likely the Jetson itself is drawing too much current (the beeping sound from the adapter tends to say so). I hate to say it, but probably RMA is required. It wouldn’t hurt to see how much current is being drawn, but odds are low that it will help since a defect in either the Jetson or the adapter would both imply a need to RMA.

If you choose to RMA, look near the top of this for the information (search for “RMA”):