Jetson TX add more Gigabit Ethernet

Now the Jetson TX2 has only one Gigabit Ethernet, but in my application I want at least two Gigabit Ethernet interface to connect to camera with GigE.
I want to know is is any possible to extend more Gigabit Ethernet on TX2.

You may need a switch for this, we have no suggestion on this as to TX2 devkit only one GBE port.

I’d agree that definitely it is easier to use a network switch. You could add a NIC via the PCIe slot (assuming you are using the dev kit carrier board), but there is so much to do to actually use this (e.g., making a frame to hold the NIC in place) that some small switch would be easier. A switch also does not require any software setup at all.

I can’t vouch for any of these, but you can see examples here:
miniature “3-port” gigabit network switch
(you could use more ports, but if you need only two, and are keeping size minimal, then 3-port would be good)

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