Jetson TX Samtec Module Connector - Broken Pins/Teeth - Replacement steps?


One of the teeth/pins on the TX MOdule’s samtec connector broke. Is there any way to fix this and/or to remove the samtec connector and to replace it without damaging the TX1 module?



Depending on which pin it is that’s broken, you may or may not personally be ok with ignoring it. It’s not recommend to attempt replacing the main connector yourself. Instead, please contact Customer Support for RMA:

  1. Go to NVIDIA Support.
  2. Select “Live Chat” or "Ask a Question" from the options near the top of the page.
  3. Enter your personal information.
  4. Select the appropriate product from the drop-down list (“Tegra” in this case).
  5. Submit the request.

Thanks Dustin. With regards to damaged parts, is the memory wiped if/when they are sent in?

Yes, memories and storage are wiped and you may receive a different unit.