Jetson TX1 24x7 use case mode

Hi All,

I have a Jetson TX1 based product I am working on. Since this product will run 24x7 I am using the 24x7 use case mode (UCM2). However, we do some software based video encoding, and using UCM2 reduces the encoding performance in half (i.e. it takes twice as long to encode each frame). Of course I would rather not use software encoding but I don’t have a choice here.

What I would like to do is have a 24x7 use case where the CPU would not be throttled down quite so far. I’m fine with the GPU or other peripherals being throttled down, as we don’t use the GPU at all right now.

The question is, is creating a “hybrid” UCM a reasonable thing to do? Does anybody have a list of things that are being changed when using the 24x7 UCM vs. the non-24x7 UCM?


Chris Richardson

Also of note is that I am using L4T R28.2. I did see that the main thing that makes a difference with regard to the performance I am seeing is the usage of the DT property ‘nvidia,tegra-always-on-personality’ in speedo-tegra210.c. If I set always_on to 0 there (or remove the property from the dts file), performance improves to be roughly equivalent to the UCM1 performance.

I am hoping for some guidance on how to improve the performance while still being able to run 24x7.



Hi cjwti,

The UCM2 is to guarantee 24x7 safely, its profile should not be changed and not suggested.
Since you found a way to improve it, then you will need to do more reliability tests to ensure the system could meet your 24x7 and performance requirements.