Jetson TX1 beginner


I am looking for a step by step tutorial for Jetson TX1 development kit. Where can I find a tutorial which help me to get familiar with Jetson TX1 board?

That would depend on a lot of things. In terms of general use, Ubuntu Linux system admin type documents provide much information. Realize that although the operating system is sometimes referred to as “Linux for Tegra” (L4T), this is just a pure Ubuntu Linux which has had drivers added for the TX1 hardware.

More specialty in nature is how to install and upgrade different updates for L4T. Some of that is just because this is an embedded system, and embedded systems do not have a BIOS like desktop computers. This isn’t a “Jetson thing”, this is an “embedded thing”. When it comes down to the actual tools to flash and upgrade, this is when you get into specifics of a Jetson being different from other systems.

For upgrades, consider that there are two approaches. First is a command line which is run from any Linux desktop computer (x86_64) using a combination of the driver package and a sample rootfs; second is a graphical front end to this (which uses the same driver package and sample rootfs under it), and which can install many more packages than just the driver package does…but it specifically requires your x86_64 desktop Linux host to run Ubuntu 14.04…this is “JetPack”.

So if you have a description to help zero in on what you are looking for it would be easier to answer. Here is a list of some Jetson URLs:

Here is the official wiki page: