Jetson TX1 board setup

I am using a Jetson TX1 .I am installing OS and file systems and other libraries such as opencv ,visinworks,cuda .I use a host system 64 bit linux and also use the 64 bit jetpack for tx1.I have tried with all versions 3.0 2.7 .When I start installation the host system installation is successful .but the target installation fails when it comes to libraries such as cuda opencv visonworks.But the board gets setup and OS and file systems are setup.When I boot the board and try installing the unmet dependencies such as ffmpeg from the tx1 they have internal unmet dependencies errors .kindly support .

I have faced similar problems when I was behind a proxy and firewall.
It worked with direct internet access.

i tried with direct internet access too it did not work.Does the TX1 also have to have direct internet access??Along with the host system??

Yes, TX1 must have direct access for setup for downloading packages. If your proxy/firewall requires authentification, it may prevent setup from being correct.

In such case, when installing with direct internet access, I would advise to install firefox and ftp. This will allow to authenticate later behind the proxy/firewall.

Does this mean that the TX1 cannot be used from behind a corporate firewall?

JetPack needs internet access, a running TX1 does not. The PC running JetPack needs direct access to the Jetson via ethernet once package installs begin. You might ask your tech support people if they can help find out which ports the firewall is blocking and whether there is some workaround. Once install is complete the TX1 can be without internet.

thanks will do.

If you want to have updates on your TX1 through apt behind your firewall/proxy requiring authentication, you may install a web browser (from GUI) or ftp (from shell) for authenticating and get internet access for your TX2.