Jetson TX1 - Camera Module for EU

Hi Everyone,

I would like to order a Jetson TX1 Development Kit.
But when I check the list of contents of the kit, I find that the 5MP Camera Module is missing.
This accessory is found in the NVIDIA offering in US.
I would like to know if it should be ordered separately in EU?
My place of residence is Germany.


Hi Amrutansh,

The 5MP Camera Module is indeed included with the EU devkits. It was mistakenly not listed on the webpage, which is being added. Thank you for reporting what you noticed.

Hello, I just bought a EU Jetson TX1 kit. There is no camera module delivered! I looked everywhere in the box. Was it an omission, or it is no longer included in the kit? If it needs to be bought separately, it’s nowhere to be found in the NVIDIA store.