Jetson TX1 Developer Kit... Infinite reboot


Thanks every time for a good answer.
I executed L4T flash by referring to the following guide.

but… After flash, the TX1 Kit will perform an infinite reboot.

  • My Host PC (Notebook - ubuntu 16.04)

That looks like register dumps from a crash. Probably flashing again is the way to go, but with some notes.

First, make sure your host did not run out of disk space (a truncated image can cause issues in many different ways depending on where it is truncated). Prior to starting flash (but after unpacking sample rootfs) make sure you have about 25GB of space (this is an estimate). From the directory you are flashing from you could check via:

df -H -T .

I added the “-T” to show file system type, make sure it is a Linux native file system like ext4. Make sure you use sudo where mentioned…sudo and native Linux file system type are mandatory for permissions.

In the actual flash step add “-S 14580MiB” to get better eMMC use:

sudo ./ -S 14580MiB jetson-tx1 mmcblk0p1

See what happens.