Jetson TX1 Development Host System Ubuntu 14.04 .vs. 16.04

Hello Forum,

I am a Jetson TX1 Developer NEWB. (been playing with CUDA for about 6 months on a windows desktop)
My Jetson TX1 Dev Kit is arriving tomorrow (Tuesday 20-Sep) and I will be setting up a host system (new linux install)
So the question is what do I put on my Host system?
The confusion comes from the new Jet Pack 2.3 listed with Ubuntu 16.04
…(JetPack 2.3 for Jetson TX1 released with L4T R24.2, Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit, CUDA 8, and TensorRT)
And the documentation “Jetson X1 Developer Kit Users Guide” says:
…Host System: Ubuntu Linux x64 (v14.04) (see page 5 JetPack: Supported Host System).

So 14.04 or 16.04 ???

Much thanks … Chuck

You’ll be fine with 14.04 for your host. Version 16.04 is the target that’s included in the latest Jet pack.

Just as a preference, I think if I were to install a new Ubuntu for host (I use Fedora though), I’d probably start with the newest JetPack on Ubuntu 16. You may find though that you are interested in older versions of CUDA, so if you have a particular CUDA version requirement, you might also have a particular JetPack required (I do manual installs, so I don’t use JetPack).