Jetson TX1 DK On-Board Camera driver add

I am using Jetson TX1 Development kit with 23.3 version.
I want to start on-board camera module.
I am using pre-installed cheese application. But is shows “no device found”

And i am unable to add any .ko module from /lib/modules/3/10.67…/kernel/drivers/…
“insmod: ERROR: could not insert module tegra_camera.ko: Invalid module format”

even i tried to insert cross compiled .ko from my HOST pc. Its also showing the same message…

After booting the board which is the output of lsmod?

This wiki could help you:


There are currently no CSI2 camera drivers for the TX1. You have to use gstreamer. USB cameras do work with Visionworks and CUDA acceleration however.

FYI, often the invalid file format means the module was compiled for a different architecture. You can literally run the “file” command and name the full path to the module and it should give you information about the type of file, e.g., “file /somewhere/a/module/stub.ko”.

Make sure your kernel name matches with your real kernel name from “uname -r”