Jetson Tx1 does not start /power up

When I plug in the power, only red light near cpu is on. There is no response by pressing the power button. Here is a picture.

It is totally different from the youtube video

I am thinking that it may be quality problem.

The red light is just a power indicator…this LED was not on earlier carrier boards. This is correct operation.

The fan only turns on when heat is built up, and under normal idle conditions this never happens. Normal behavior is to see only a very slight blip right as power comes on. Remember, Jetsons are extraordinarily power efficient.

It is common for there to be video issues. Video not starting probably cannot be considered a failed board. First, there have been several updates versus the software a Jetson comes with, and many of those updates improved video.

If you have any kind of VGA adapter (the 15-pin D-sub connector), then auto video configuration cannot succeed. Some monitors simply don’t have a valid setting without working on them (e.g., any monitor with odd ratings, e.g., ultra high def televisions probably require an upgrade).

If you have this connected to a router (or if your PC acts as a router), then router logs should be checked to see if an address was requested. This is a sign that the only thing not working is video configuration. It also gives you a way to connect via ssh (e.g., “ssh ubuntu@”, pass “ubuntu”).

The most reliable way to see what is going on, and to have access even when things are pretty bad, is via serial console. See:

If you have different HDMI monitors you might just swap one out to see if something shows up. Even if it does, it is highly recommended to flash to a newer operating system anyway. The most recent L4T version for a TX1 is R28.1 (which JetPack 3.1 can flash, or you can use command line with driver package plus sample rootfs…JetPack requires Ubuntu 14.04 or 16.04, and command line works with any x86_64 Linux PC). Downloads for R28.1 can be found here:
(beware that you need to log in there before you will be able to download…hit the link once, create an account or log in with an existing account, then hit the URL again)

Thank you for answering my question.

In this video, I noticed that when the power button is pressed, there are two green lights around it. For mine, nothing happened when the power button is pressed. I have tried three different hdmi monitors and none of them works. Basically, when I plug in the power, the red light is on. When I plug it out, the red light dim out after a while.

I will try Serial Console tomorrow.

The green lights should be on all models. Missing those could be an issue…but do make sure nothing else is plugged in at the time since peripherals may have an effect (at least for a test). Do you have a way to check the voltage on your adapter? It should be around 19V. Serial console is definitely solid proof one way or another…and very useful for doing many things, it is good to have one.

I tested Serial console last night. I found when I pressed the power button, the green lights show up. Everything is fine. I refreshed the whole system. However, when I tested again tonight, the problem goes back. I believe there is some quality issue about the Jetson Tx1 I purchased. I am going to return it and ask for exchange.

I tested the output voltage from the adapter. It is 19V.

If it is inconsistent I’d RMA as well. If interested there is some RMA info here near the top: