Jetson TX1 Drive current strength on CZ Pins


We are implementing a carrier for a Jetson TX1 module.

With the I2S0 Port, we are connecting that to an external device, that requires a level shift.
There is also a need to have this work in master and slave modes, so we need bidirectional function.

We are using a TXB0104RGYR to interface, and it requires a 2mA drive current from the I2S driver.

In section 12.4 of the OEM Product Design Guide, it talks about CZ pins having a 2mA drive strength on CZ pins, and provides the VOL and VOH levels.

When I go chasing this in the Jetson TX1 Module Datasheet DS07224010v1.1, In section 4.5, Table 29, the G2, H1, G1, H2 are all CZ pins.

Then I chase this into Chapter 9 of the TRM, and Table 22 notes CZ pins having 7 bits, up & down for the drive strength.

If the corresponding DRVDN/DRVUP registers are programmed with b1111111, then may I have my 2mA?

Those pins are default 2mA, no need to program.