Jetson TX1 Eagle CAD Library

I have just created an Eagle library containing the connector and pin mapping for the Jetson TX1 module. This was created based exactly on the schematics provided by Nvidia. If, like me, you are planning on embedding your Jetson but only have access to Eagle, this would probably be a good starting point. I haven’t verified the footprint for fit yet, but I have some test boards on order that I will check the connectors on. As soon as I know, I will let you know. Here is a link to download my library.

I just got the footprint boards in and verified that the fit is just right. Best of luck in your designs.

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i understand that this is a bit of a dead thread but for some reason i am only getting parts of it to work in eagle 8.2.2. i would assume that this was written for a 7.x.x version but is there any way i can modify the schematic side to just represent the connector? i am perfectly fine with having to use the matrix to figure it out. any help would be appreciated!


I initially made this in Eagle version 6, but then made the revision in Eagle 7. I haven’t used 8 but if it’s anything like the previous two versions, editing the part should be as easy as right clicking on the part after you’ve placed it in the schematic layout then selecting the option to edit the symbol. I hope this helps. P.s. There are three separate instances that you would need to enable to get access to all the pins. Sorta like when you add more stages of an op-amp ic. I did this design exactly as the datasheet laid it out. It makes it easier in my opinion to filter out all the stuff that you don’t want or need.

i just realized why there are three different renders on the schematic side. my question is how do you get to the different ones? the add menu does not show the subversions for the schematic view. the only way i can see them individually is in the edit menu. any help would be appreciated.

and now for the second realization of the day! you use the invoke menu to get the other versions. the one option i did not think to try properly. well, i would say that this is definitely compatible with 8.x.x if you happen to have a clue about what you are doing.

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Great work PlatinumLuthier! Thanks for sharing!