Jetson TX1 Failed to Boot after Micro-B USB port broken

I was about to install new Jetpack into my Jetson TX1. Unfortunately in the middle of Recovery mode and installation progress my Micro-B USB port was broken and released completely from the board. Now when I try to turn on the board again (the yellow led near power button shows up), my monitor gives me blank screen. My assumption the board is still in Force Recovery mode and can’t boot normally. Any idea how to fix this? I live in a country where NVIDIA service center doesn’t exist.

I hate to say it, but without that connector a partial flash will have left this unit unbootable and unflashable. I suspect this is out of the warranty period, but if not, then RMA information is near the top of this:

Fixing something like this is possible if the traces were not broken, but would take a bit of skill and someone with a hot air rework tool (it isn’t a simple solder job, but it also is not impossible).