Jetson TX1 flash on uSD card

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Using the Jetson TX1, I would like to know how to flash it without using a host computer.

Is it possible, as the Jeston Nano to flash the TX1 with a uSD card ?
Or, why not, using the flash of the Jetson Nano to flash the TX1 ?

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It may be possible to boot from SDCard.
This refers to an old L4T release, but you may have a look to this article from jetsonhacks.

Not an answer, but some information which might help…

The Nano is the same GPU architecture as a TX2, but differs from that of a TX1. There would likely be some things which break, especially with the GPU if you were to directly use the Nano release on a TX1…but it might work for some purposes.
Correction: TX1 and Nano are both Maxwell, TX2 is Pascal.

There are many more partitions in a TX1 or TX2 than the root file system. Those partitions are used during boot, and those exist on a TX1 or TX2 in its eMMC even if an SD card is used for the rootfs (that content is how a TX1 gets to the stage where it can point at the boot loader). I’m not positive of how the Nano works with that, but the mechanism is quite different between the Nano and TX1 and so it is probably mandatory that a flash be used to place the non-rootfs partitions into eMMC of the TX1…this TX1 content cannot be placed on the SD card and boot will fail without it.

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Correction added to my above…TX1 and Nano are same architecture, and half the number of cores of a TX2. Thus the CUDA apps would probably be interchangeable if there is sufficient RAM.

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Yes, I saw that, this is why I asked if it was possible.

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