Jetson tx1 GPIO14 control issue

hi, our company had customized our own carrier board, now I have a problem with gpio control. GPIO14_AP_WAKE_MDM, how to export 0 or 1 to this port? I can’t export 0 or 1 through ‘/sys/class/gpio’ this kind way.Please help me with it.Thank you! Time is short! Thanks a lot!

Do you export GPIO_PK5(85) ? Does any failed message show on console? There’s no problem on my side. If it’s show the busy message that could be you have some where ever use this pin and not release. Please check it.

Hi nick_ctrl,

Any update? Have you found the cause and resolved this problem?


Hi kayccc
Sorry for late, too busy to remind me of the solved issue.Yes the problem is solved, it turnes out I made the wrong gpio port, export 0 or 1 through ‘/sys/class/gpio’ this kind way is good to use.