Jetson TX1 I2C_GP2/GP3

The TX1 SOM lists an I2C_GP2 and I2C_GP3 option. The datasheet only discusses I2C_GPO0 and I2C_GP1. Are these to become available in the future or what is the state of these ports?

Total 6xI2C, usage in section 3.8 table 20

I2C_GP1_CLK/DAT–>Power Monitors
I2C_CAM_CLK/DAT–>Camera & Camera related functions
DP1_AUX_CH+/—>Display: HDMI/DP (DDC)

OK. I understand the functions of the ones mentioned. However, on the development carrier board platform it also mentions I2C_GP2 and I2C_GP3 and lists them as reserved. These are on pins C11/C10/C12/C13. Can these be used?

The pin name I2C_GP2/3_CLK/DAT in schematic just a pin name, please check JetsonTX1_Module_DataSheet section4.4 Pin Assignments to find C11/C10/C12/C13 real usage.
These pins are RSVD mean it’s leave not connected, no function and can’t use.

Looking at the pin-muxing spreadsheet can we use DP0_AUX_CH+/- (I2C6) for other functions besides eDP? I want to use it for other purposes if possible.