Jetson TX1 : is overesas shipping allowed?


Is it allowed to buy Jetson X1 developer kit online now (e.g. NVIDIA online store US) and have it shipped outside US via a freight forwarder?
(i.e. is there any restriction due to US government import/export requirements?)

When will the international sales of Jetson X1 developer kit be?

Thank you very much.

Right now the product is only certified in the US — we don’t yet have the certs to officially allow shipping to other countries yet. International shipments begin later in January.

EU users can order from here And we’ll be rolling out the distributors for APAC regions.

Hello - any update on the int’l shipping? Thanks!

Any update on this?

Unfortunately Jetson TX1 is not available in your region (SA) — apologies for the inconvenience.

I got mine shipped, just say’n…

Your geolocation is in a different region than cobalt’s, where the wireless is certified.

shipito could remove wireless card before they ship it to SA.

wireless can then be shipped separetaly just in case it’s rejected by customs.
Or you can get a new card from some other source or just use USB dongle.

On Jetson TX1, there is no wireless ‘card’ or dongle - it’s a chip integrated onto the module itself and cannot be removed. And unfortunately simply leaving the WiFi ‘powered off’ or the driver unloaded will not satisfy international customs/import agencies. My remaining suggestion would be to try to find a freight forwarder in Europe who may be able to accommodate your situation.

oh right, coz the whole thing is on the module :(