Jetson TX1 Module Issue


I have the Jetson TX1 module and I bought the Orbitty Carrier for NVIDIA Jetson TX1 (Part #: ASG003) from Connect Tech. We tried to turn on the Jetson but the monitor didn’t recognize the Jetson or atleast there was nothing on the monitor like if the module didn’t haven an OS. I have worked with the TX1 development kit before and I know this one comes pre-installed with Ubuntu. Does the module also comes pre-installed with an operational system or do I have to install a SD card with an OS?


So far as I know modules always come with Ubuntu installed…but the files for hardware acceleration needed for GUI operation still require running “cd ~/NVIDIA-INSTALLER; sudo ./”. Text mode seems to use different default resolution than GUI, so even if console mode does not show, finishing the might make GUI work. ssh or serial console might work to do this (your router would tell you what address it uses).