Jetson TX1 no display after flash upgrade

Hey all. I just flashed my Jetson TX1 with the newest jetpack install (the 64-bit one), and the applet is prompting me to make sure that my jetson boots up with a gui. I restart my jetson with the HDMI cable already plugged in (I have also tried it without at startup) and I start it up. The two green lights by the power switch come on, but the two lights on the ethernet port (the amber and green ones) stay on, even though nothing is plugged into it. I also have no display. The monitor is fine, I plugged in my Jetson TK1 and it came up just fine on the monitor. Thus, it is a TX1 issue. The fans spins for about a half a second (as it should) when I power it on. Not sure why the ethernet LED’s stay on, but I am not getting any display. Any ideas? Thanks!

If you can check via serial console:

There have been some issues with how the EDID query works or not…I also have a monitor with valid EDID response on other computers, including a TK1, but which fails with i2c errors on R24.1. You may find this topic related: