Jetson TX1 No Menu displaying with Ubuntu 16.04


An urgent question, please help: I tried to install cafe on Jetson tx1, after flashing, I directly login in Jetson TX1 using its own ubuntu 16.04 Terminal, and downloaded Cafe ,compiled it locally, I suspect it is due to the limited internal memory and storage space, it failed to compile Cafe ,and from bad to worse, this resulted the ubuntu 16.04 is unable to start properly, there is nowhere to see the menu on the left of screen , and no way to active the terminal anymore, so the system is unable to manage the memory … I cannot do any thing on Jetson Tx1 now.

I am desperately to get the ubuntu menu back. please help me to sort it out,


It does sound like disk space filled up. Do you still have serial console access? If so, then you might still be able to delete some files with this and gain access. If not, then you might need to clone, delete from the clone on a PC, then flash again with the clone (a long process). For serial console information:

Clone information changes depending on release, but see:

If you can login as another user (say ubuntu instead of nvidia), or if you can remotely connect with ssh, or if switching to console mode with Alt-Ctrl-F2 works, you may also try to delete compiz cache:

sudo rm -r /home/<your_user>/.cache/compizconfig-1

will try everything as suggested, thanks