Jetson TX1 / NVBLAS


I’d like to try nvblas. As pointed out here: it is only available on 64-bit operating systems. Since Linux For Tegra R24.1 comes with CUDA 7.0 Toolkit for 64-bit it should be available. I can see a usr/local/cuda-7.0/include/nvblas.h but no in /usr/local/cuda-7.0/lib64. I’m hoping someone with better knowledge of the Jetson TX1 platform and the CUDA Toolkit could provide some more insight.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Thanks a lot,

Hi marcus__,

By further confirmation by the team, the NVBLAS was not well supported in current CUDA7.0 on TX1, but will be included in coming release.

Since the NVBLAS on TX1 is not working, you may try to use cuBLAS directly.


Hello kayccc,

Thanks for the clarification, waiting for the coming release.