Jetson TX1 on drone.

I would like to connect my Jetson TX1 to a lipo battery, can someone link a barrel connector to XT60 connector that is known to plug into the Jetson to purchase along with a lipo battery that would provide ample time to run the Jetson. Thanks!

Never heard this kind of request here before, maybe you have to make a converter cable of barrel to XT60, and purchase LiPo battery with matched XT60 header for this.

I am looking for a connector like this, 2.5mm Barrel Connector to XT60 (2 feet) . I have tried this one but it does not fit in the Jetson D.C. Power jack. Also what Lopo battery would you reccomend. Thanks!

For the barrel connector these should work:
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Seems you need to change the barrel connector to what linuxdev post above.
No special request on battery except output voltage should be 5.5V~19.6V, such as this one: