jetson tx1 remote access

I want to connect to jetson tx1 remotely access and communicate with another computer.
Communication distance should be about 1km. How can it be possible?

It should be wireless communication!

The normal mechanisms for WiFi communications on a computer are not capable of this. If this were ham radio there are all kinds of interesting things you can do (non-commercial only); without the license and hardware though you may need to use something like a cellular modem or some other serial RF transceiver. It’s hard to know without knowing what your data requirements are…what data rate is needed? Are there weight restrictions? If running on a battery, what battery, and how long does it need to last?

Something like this seems interesting for light weight, but has no support on Linux (the schematic is there so you could custom build your own board in a similar fashion):

thank you for your reply. :)
I have to get the videodata that processed by Opencv program in real time
I need to use less battery, less weight, but higher efficiency. I should be able to use the Li-po battery for at least 15 minutes. The lighter the weight limit, the lighter the better.
I’m sorry that I was too idealistic.
but I need your help
please help me ;(

If you can afford to pay for a cellular modem this might be ideal (you’d have to pay typical cell phone type subscription fees and be within range of a cell tower). I suspect available bandwidth varies quite a bit among cellular modems. It makes me curious as well as to what commercial band devices might be available (ones requiring a license…compare to something like bluetooth or 802.11 a/b/g/n which do not require a license to operate). You will probably need to figure out quite closely what the bandwidth requirements will be before looking further.